summer cardigan

I’m quite pleased that I finally have this little cardigan done.  I bought the yarn last spring from All the Love of Yarn at Shepherds Harvest.  I bought two skeins of laceweight and knew I wanted to make a super lightweight cardigan.  Worked on it feverishly for a few weeks then set it aside for months and months!  Finally decided it was time to take it back out and finish it up.  I hardly dipped into the second skein of yarn, so this is right around 4oz total and less than 1000 yards used.  I cast on for a wide necked raglan shaping and for the fronts did very few increases as I knew this was going to be one I wanted to be open in the front. I worked it in the round and then STEEKED it!  I was a little concerned about how the steek was going to look with this being laceweight.  I had no reservations about the steek itself, just whether the structure of the yarn/garment would support the steek without it looking bulky or weird.

To setup the steek I added seven extra stitches in the middle of the fronts and worked them in rib as I came to them (mainly just to make the rows easier to identify when it came time to cutting, I don’t think its necessary to do them in rib.  When I had it at the length I wanted I crocheted the leftside of one v to the rightside of the next v from two rows together using a very loose single slip stitch crochet (I think, I guess I didnt note if it was a SC perhaps, but I do recall having to pay attention to do it loosely because it was starting to pull the fabric a few times so I had to redo a number of stitches several times.)  Then repeated

that process across two rows on the other side of where I’d cut (again, half of one row crocheted to half of another).  This left one row in the middle uncrocheted and ripe for cutting 🙂  Snip snip with sharp scissors and it was done.

The bottom was worked using a k2tog six times then yo, k1 six times feather and fan repeat.  Then knit 3 rows (all garter.) Then picked up sts on the fronts/neck and did the same, but kept the first and last 12 sts (where I’d picked up from the bottom sides) in garter.  I’m happy with how it turned out.  Had a hard time getting pictures (my 8 year old just isn’t as photographically inclined as I wished he was!) but I got a couple to share.  Now if  I could just loose about 50 lbs I’d be happy 😉




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