a not purple project

Ok, so I realized that my last few posts have either been focused on the color purple or the PURPLE hat project. I went through my Ravelry.com projects and also figured out that I have made myself eight purple sweaters (cardigans & pullovers) so I think its time that I change things up. I came across a bright green Misti Alpaca Tonos on closeout (discontinued colorway) at my local yarn shop and decided I would try something outside of my usual comfort zone. I only got three skeins so my objective is to get a single project from 600 yards. Can I do it? If I can’t will there still be yarn left next week in this colorway for me to get more? Not sure, but I’m darn well gonna try! I’m making the pattern called Abalone which is an super simple bottom up vest/cardigan that is open in the front and cap sleeved. I’m thinking if I use about 1.75 skeins for the body, the rest will be enough for the split at the armholes and trim. Afterall, if push comes to shove I can omit the trim and just do an icord all the way around the openings. Now, let’s just hope my math was accurate from the swatch. Project update to come soon.

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