Big Green Monster

So are you curious to see how that crazy “grinch green” cardigan/vest turned out? Well, its done, and its BRIGHT. Its actually quite comfortable and given my previous experience with alpaca, I’m thinking this might be a better blend because I’m not feeling that scratchiness that I’d experienced before. It didn’t take me long to make this, but because its so boxy, when it came time to add the edging I was a bit disappointed so I let it sit for a couple days. But why would I be disappointed, it was obvious from the get-go that there was no shaping involved, yet I followed the pattern. Once I got to the edging my mom suggested adding some purple to help tone it down a bit 😉 I happen to have some of the Elsebeth Lavold classic AL left over from the PURPLE hats and its also a blend of wool & alpaca so it was the perfect candidate. As I added the purple I was still not impressed, but as I am wearing it now its comfortable enough to make me happy. It was in the high 60’s today and long sleeves were not necessary, but having just this extra layer on was pretty nice.

I promise I really tried to get good pictures of me with this on. I had my daughter help, but she’s only 5 and doesn’t quite have the right eye (or vantage point!) quite yet, plus my camera was much too heavy for her. My husband came home and also attempted to get a few shots, but seriously, I didn’t want you all to see the legos on the floor in the background (hmm, couldn’t he have TRIED to avoid that?) and several of his shots were just plain unflattering. So, alas, you are stuck with not quite full view images I had to take of myself. But they do show the color and fabric pretty well, and honestly for this project thats all that really needs to be noticed anyway.


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