So when I started level 2 of the master hand knitter program I was thinking “sweet, those socks look awesome” and they still do, but they make me SO unhappy with my knitting.  As illustrated below (as well as not pictured add’l swatch and several frogged socks) I am not getting a professional looking result.  I just put out a new sock pattern today (check out the patterns page!) and wrapping those neon rainbow socks for my daughter hopefully this weekend yet.  Making socks is not the issue.  I’ve never had a hard time with colorwork before either.  BUT, for whatever reason (pretty sure it  may be psychological) I am not getting the results I want for the argyle sock requirement.  I’m lucky enough to be going to Shepherds Harvest next weekend so I will be able to meet with someone who has already passed this level to get more tips.  But still, I feel like I should be able to ace this.

I decided since this is basically my online diary and no one is probably reading it (oh, you are reading it?  well, I suppose that counts HA HA) I will track my progress here.  I’d love to get feedback and ideas for improvement.  Not  just on this project but anything I post.  So go ahead and send me messages (just don’t complain about my excessive use of parenthesis.)



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