Go-Go Speed Racer

UPDATE: Got one image from the professional sports photographers of me crossing the finish line. I really wanted this one so I can show you all how much more awesome I look a year from now when I loose tons of weight ūüôā

I am totally sure that I have an extremely large crowd of people waiting by their computers for me to post a new update to this blog regarding my first 5k race. ¬†What? ¬†You didn’t know I raced? ¬†Yeah, well, me either! ¬† A few weeks ago “just for fun” I used Google’s My Tracks app on my phone to map out my walk. ¬†To my amazement, I had walked more than 3 miles in less than an hour. ¬†Then for the heck of it, I looked at the results from last year’s 5k race in Fargo, ND. ¬†The average was 40 min and some people took over an hour. ¬†This year there was a huge push in the media to get to 10,000 walkers & runners for the race to raise money to buy shoes for local kids. ¬†So I decided I should give it a shot. ¬†I am LOVING walking/jogging/running now. ¬†I don’t do much running, mainly just trying to walk fast, but its nice to get outside or on the treadmill with no¬†interruptions¬†for a while.

So I did it. ¬†I not only participated, but I finished! ¬†Here are my results if you are inclined to see the actual stats. ¬†The night before was the kids race, my son was home with a fever and didn’t do it this time (he’s ran the last 3 years) but my daughter and I did the 1/2 mile in under 8 minutes. ¬†I was pretty impressed with our awesomeness!

My daughter & I.

My good friend (who was my doula for above pictured daughter) who beat me by nearly 5 minutes in the race AND is 15 weeks pregnant I might add.



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