edging choices for a blanket

I’m still working on my Pop Blanket from TinCanKnits and thought I’d add my thoughts on how I might finish the edging on my blanket. The designer clearly put a lot of creative thought into the design, so I by no means intend to change the overall pattern concept. Please take any of my suggestions with a grain of salt as they are more just an outline of my own thought process and it being spout out online šŸ˜‰

The pattern as designed leaves a rustic edge which actually looks quite fabulous. However, I had two questions for MY version, specifically a) do I want the raw edge (which curls) on my finished blanket and b) is there any way to add some size to this blanket without having to make a gazillion more blocks! Don’t get me wrong, this is a great project, but having already done 13 blocks I can tell you that I’m going to start getting bored after the next dozen and it won’t yet be as big as I want for throwing on the couch.

I decided to experiment with a few different options on my sample. NOTE/TIP: Any stitches picked up are done from the WRONG side, this is the only way to maintain the same lines used in the design to seam the blocks together. I think doing it this way will be the most cohesive way to maintain the design. But do what you like best, its your project šŸ™‚

Raw edge in pattern as written.

Several rows of single crochet with the same diameter hook as the knitting needles.

Applied I-cord. (3 sts)

Pick up and seed stitch several rows.

Pick up and st st a couple rows then a couple in garter before binding off.

Not sure which one will be my final choice. But the crochet was my original desire, but now I’m not sure I like the change in texture for this design. The Icord looks clean and finished, BUT I needed to pick up more sts as I went or do it more loosely because it was not stretchy enough. Seed st seems like a good choice, as does plain garter, but I wouldn’t add the st st in again unless it was for a more significant size because just doing the couple rows still rolled in a lot which defeated the purpose of solving question A as stated above.


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