confession- today’s run

Well, I have a confession to make. I was about 2K into my run this afternoon when I made a little knitting discovery. You see, my hair in thinning in the front so I have to wear a hat when I run so my scalp doesn’t get sunburned. I have a lightweight hat, but my head still gets hot so I lift it up to cool things down after a while. Well, today when I lifted my hat, I discovered an unblocked square from my Pop Blanket. Yes, seriously, I’d gone that far with wool on my head- strings hanging out and all I’m quite sure. Not sure which pun is better “a block head” or perhaps “blocks on the brain”. Either is entirely appropriate and completely true 🙂 I had to finish the rest of my run with the block tucked into the elastic of my shorts.  Seemed just too weird to put it back into my hat.

In other running/fiber related news, I’m super excited to get my first commemorative race batt. I asked Sosae Caetano to make me a batt out of luxury fibers and sparkle to match the logo from my first 5k race –

And the preview pic is this (stunning!) I cannot wait to get this in the mail!


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