Cute as a Button

I have to admit, I seem to have a little bit of a problem with my addiction to buttons.  Not just regular ol’ buttons from the store, but TessaAnn boutique buttons.  After seeing a number of examples on her facebook page, I decided to try my own hand at using the buttons for something other than, buttoning!  Here’s a quick tutorial.  You could use these on a garment as a decoration (like on a hat) or as a hair accessory as in my example.  I did not add anything in this tutorial about adding a clip, headband, etc. because a) I think you can probably figure that much out on your own and b) I didn’t really have my bobby pin on there as I would have preferred (with hot glue) and didn’t want to show you my have done method 😉


Get all your supplies ready-

5-6″ of elastic with tulle sewn in (mine is from Joann’s from Simplicity, but you could easily make your own)
Thread (I used white for the rosette part, clear for sewing the button on)
TessaAnn Button(s)
Less than 15 minutes of time without children begging for snacks or tv time (optional, but preferable!)

Thread the needle and begin stitching from one end of the elastic ribbon to the other.  I didn’t stretch it out a whole lot as I worked.

Go all the way across.  Connect the two ends and pull tightly (not so tight that you break your thread!)

Flatten it out a bit so you can see where your center is.  Decide which button to use.

Attach button.  E.A.S.Y.


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