pattern preview ~ a to-be-named shawl

I’m looking for a name for this pattern. All replies are welcomed, and EVERYONE who responds will get a free copy of the pattern when it comes out by the end of the month.  I used a wonderfully silky yarn for this little shawlette and I find it just stunning. I’m thinking this pattern would be really pretty using handspun as well, so that may be in my future yet!

So, any ideas for names?!




29 thoughts on “pattern preview ~ a to-be-named shawl

  1. Ok, so I guess I will be the first to jump in with a name suggestion. First I have to say that this is such a gorgeous shawl, I was instantly drawn to it when I saw it! I wanted to give it a unique name, but knew that it had to have the word leaf in there somewhere because thats when I thought when I first saw it. I think “Floating Leaflets” is perfect for it, as the little leaves just seem to be gently floating down the shawl to the floaty ruffled edge.

  2. I think Breezy, or Spring Breezes would be nice as I see some leafy bits and it looks fluttery …etc.

    My youngest, who likes shawls also at the tender age of 11.5, says, Leaf Dapple is her guess. ^_^

  3. One of the first names to come to mind was “Tree Star” (green, star shaped in the center, Land before time reference :P)

    Or something with the word “Eden” in it (again, because it’s green, and reminds me of trees, leaves, and a garden)

  4. Calyx Shawl

    The Calyx is the fluttery, papery green husk that surrounds the tomatillo vegetable. This looks like you could eat it (and like it would make a yummy salsa, and the ruffled edges give it the appearance of it peeling away, like there is some juicy green veggie hiding underneath it. Enjoy!

  5. beautiful shawl, as for name the colour and pattern reminds me of spring and the flowers opening, and as you said you see spinning in your future i would name it ….New Beginnings 🙂
    from Woolytanis on raverly

  6. beautiful shawl, from the colour and pattern, it reminds me of spring and all the new growth, and as you say you see spinning in your future i would call it ”new beginnings”

    sorry if you have had this twice computer crashed so do not know if you got first comment
    woolytanis from raverly

  7. “Sring Dalliance” This shawl is absolutely lovely, one I would love to make. The color reminds me of new spring growth and the design elements are flirty. The yarn used sounds wonderful as I love silk in my yarns 😉

  8. The first thing that popped in my head when I saw this was “Sweet Clover”. I think the three leaves in the upper center and the color is what caught my attention!

  9. I love the shawl and I was thinking a good name might be either tri-leaf delight (because it looks like 3 leaves at the top) or leaf delight because there are so many leaves in it and they are delightful.

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