product photography shots

And for those of you who love “pull back” shots… the picture of my shawl in my previous post was shot in my foyer (used as a Lego room by my kiddos) using an iron garden planter for staging.  See, no special supplies are needed for pretty product shots!  Do you see the shawl over towards the right side of the frame below?  There’s a lot going on in the picture, so I forgive you if you need to play a game of I Spy to find it.

Other things to note (and why I shot the pullback from this angle) is the angle of the light entering the room (open ceiling above also spills in light.)  I also did not place the shawlette in direct light.  Its off to the side of the wall with no light hitting straight on.  Because my walls are white (well, mostly, ignore the dirt and chocolate wiped on there by my children) the light reflects around and makes the project more evenly lit.  Want to learn more little tips & tricks of fiber art photography? Register now to join my class at North Country Fiber Fair!


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