On Vacation ~ ETA photo tip!

ETA:  Below are examples of awful cell phone pics.  Image quality, that is!  We were indoors, not good lighting at a waterpark.  My goal was to capture a picture with the girls in the background showing my WIP in the foreground (mission accomplished) but with the poor lighting the camera wouldn’t shoot without the phone flash.  Thus, an example of what “could have been” but wasn’t because of poor lighting.  Does this mean it was wasted space on my memory card?  Not at all, the memories cannot be replicated (nor can the progress on my WIP unless I rip back!)  So, just because a photo isn’t as good as you’d like, doesn’t mean its not worth taking!


When you are on vacation at a theme park of course much of the time ought to be spent knitting (color is most accurate in the second image.) New pattern to be shared as soon as the sample is done! This one will be free, keep an eye out!




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