An FO! Socks!

Yay! I have a finished object! Its been a while. I actually finished a scarf last night too and then wrapped up these socks this morning while my daughter was at gymnastics. I had started these socks a VERY long time ago and then just recently picked them back up. I realized a few days ago that I’ve only got a few pair of knitted socks for this fall/winter and wanted to bring whatever I had to NCFF so I needed to finish these. They are fraternal twins. The one with the lace was the original, because I wanted to be DONE I decided to omit the lace and just do the ribbing part for the second sock. Also note, they have a different toe finishing. Well, I accidentally have different stitch totals for the two, but lets ignore that for the moment. The one with the lace used a 3 needle bind off on the inside. The plain sock I did kitchener because I’d learned that after making the first 😉 Can you tell which is which? They look SO similar.


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