NCFF Roundup

Lots of fun was had this weekend in Watertown. So, here’s a quick pictorial review of my busy weekend! Of course it started out with me teaching the photography for fiber artists class. My blog updates on that topic are coming soon. And I’m sure someone out there probably has pics of me while teaching, so for now, you get my cell phone pics.

Welcome to South Dakota-

Crochet with wire & beads class-

Got myself a cute little rug hooking kit-

My Saturday morning was exciting, after discovering I had a flat tired I discovered the lock on my hotel door was broken and required a call to a locksmith and some handy usage of a screwdriver to break me back into the room-

If anyone will take care of a bunny for me I’d love to get one-

So many smiling faces, spinning circle is my favorite-

Cute cupcake served at dinner-

My workspace-

Me on morning walk, what a dork-

At Redlin Art Center-

On my walk at the art center watching the sun rise-


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