Photography for Fiber Artists ~ Part One

Here begins a series of blog posts focused on photography for fiber artists.  Material posted here goes along with the info covered in my workshops.  If you’d like the eBook version with the whole series PLUS a bonus section I will have it available for download very soon in ePub & pdf formats.  Watch for an update when I have it ready (the eBook & posts are ready to be published except for verifying the formatting works with the Nook Color & Kindle Fire in both formats.)

Styling & Props

Here I used my race metal as a prop with my fiber.  I had the batt custom made by Soseano using the race logo as inspiration.  I was amazed at how well the batt matched the emblem and wanted to try to capture the likeness.  I had a hard time deciding the best way to do it because I had two batts and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to focus on the metal or the fiber.  I decided to set my focus on the metal and lay the two batts side by side, the most contrasting color (the golden yellow) as the background for the mostly blue logo & neck strap.  And because I love the fact that they put a Bible verse it too, I wanted to make sure that part was laid flat and readable in the final picture too.  I had the batts laying on a piece of paper (which you can see in the upper left hand corner my deck wood, as this image was before cropping.)


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