Woolie Warmness

With the chilly weather & a race coming up next week, I decided I should test out my wool gear. Yesterday I bought a new long sleeve shirt to wear when running. I didn’t find it feasible in my budget to buy a fancy fleece Under Armor hat (with ponytail hole, I really liked the hat, just not the price tag.) But I needed to have something for my head/ears. Reason a.) I have thinning hair in front and a scalp that easily burns b.) Start sweating buckets around mile 1.5 and it does not stop until 10 minutes after I finish and sit down.  So I needed something to help with those issues. Solution = Wool. Wicking and warmth. I made a Calorimetry using Mosaic Moon BFL in Spellbound. Matches my shirt PERFECTLY! It worked out great.  No sweat got in my eyes & it wasn’t overly warm. Served its purpose & let me have wool while running 🙂




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