Photography for Fiber Artists ~ Part Two

Here is the second in a series of blog posts focused on photography for fiber artists.  Material posted here goes along with the info covered in my workshops.  If you’d like the eBook version with the whole series PLUS a bonus section I will have it available for download very soon in ePub & pdf formats.  Watch for an update when I have it ready (the eBook & posts are ready to be published except for verifying the formatting works with the Nook Color & Kindle Fire in both formats.)

Styling & Props

Here I have the same yarn shown two very different ways.  Depending on what feature I want to highlight I’d use a different styling.  In the first image with just the hank of yarn the contrasting colors with long repeats are notable and the eye may also be drawn to note the construction of the yarn (ply, thickness, twist, etc.)  The second image using a bird’s eye view of the same yarn wound into a ball tells an entirely different story.  It is very clear that this image is showing the gradient.  All other yarn factors are secondary and unremarkable unless the viewer is specifically looking.


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