Photography for Fiber Artists ~ Part Three

Here is the third in a series of blog posts focused on photography for fiber artists. Material posted here goes along with the info covered in my workshops. If you’d like the eBook version with the whole series PLUS a bonus section I will have it available for download in my pattern section very soon.

White Balance

Having a proper white balance (color) for your images is exceptionally important if you plan to sell your work over the internet. While all screen will vary, there are things you can do as the photographer to make sure the images represent your work as accurately as possible. The first image was shot using the camera’s automatic white balance mode (default.) The second is after I set the white balance to custom. There are a few different ways to do this and some cameras have options on them to set it for “daylight” or “florescent” however in my experience these generally make matters worse rather than better. If you don’t have an option for setting your white balance on your camera you’ll need to do the adjustments using a photo editing software on your computer.

For the computer or camera you’ll either need a white piece of paper or a gray card (better choice.) A gray card is simply that, a piece of board that is solid gray. They can be found in most camera supply stores or online. White paper may seem like an easy choice- but not all whites are created equal! Some are shiny, others dull. Some brighter white, some have a dull blue hue. Keep these factors in mind when selecting your white balance source.

If using a computer to edit you’ll use the white (or gray) paper to select the source of your white balance. If you shot your image is on a white backdrop (as these examples show) you could also just use that backdrop for your source. If using your on camera custom setting, typically you take a shot of the white (or gray), set that as the source, then proceed to take the picture. The second image here show the camera custom white balance method using the white paper background as my source & I feel the color represented is a fairly accurate representation of the colors.


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