Color Theory

I’ve begun working on my TKGA Master Hand Knitter Level 2 program again and with the new set of instructions there is a new colorwork project. There’s chat on Ravelry about the whole topic, but while waiting to see what others are saying I thought I’d play with photoshop and swap some of the colors around and see which I like best.  I’m pretty sure my color choices in the original is a good representation of dark & light colors.  Pretend I actually spent more than 5 minutes in Photoshop editing these as you look at them.  I just knew it was easier than knitting up six swatches to do it this way then work it out in yarn and compare later.  Thoughts?  What do you think of my original combo?


2 thoughts on “Color Theory

  1. I don’t think you have enough contrast in any of your color choices. I think it’s because the background is too dark/saturated. The original colors seem to be the best. While I’ve not read the instructions, it seems they are looking for the stranded work to pop from the background. What if you chose a cream background with the original stranding colors?

    • Oh thank you, thank you! I didn’t even think about white DOH! I am also thinking to pull out the green and put in a darker purple. My row gauge is a bit short so I have to reknit it anyway.

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