my second 10k race – a play by play

So I ran my second 10k last week and decided I wanted to include my running with this blog because I don’t have a better place to put it 😉  And I wanna brag about my mighty conquests.  Well, perhaps not complete conquest, but at least an attempt!  So here’s the text message convo between my husband and I during the race, I thought it was kinda funny.  I had actually taken a couple pictures along the way, but unfortunately my phone chewed the images up and won’t give them back for some reason.

Me:  Start is delayed… too much traffic
E:  Good Luck.  Run fast.
Me:  Thanks, 5k lining up now, I am shooting for 1 hr 40 min.  Slower than last time so hopefully I don’t get so sore
E: I expect 1:30
Me:  Mile 1.5 & legs already cramping
Me: Shorter to run home than finish right now (this was around mile 2.5)

I am SO not a fast runner!  As you can see, I came in nearly last.  But, as my excuse, I was in fact trying to go a bit slower because my foot has been bothering me for so long (plantar fasciitis) and I was super sore after the Grand Forks race.  However, my time was only 27 seconds slower this time HA HA HA  Next year a friend and I are hoping to do a triathalon together.  I’m thinking I may need to learn how to swim first.  Minor details, right?

And of course a self portrait, showing of my handknit headband (Mosaic Moon BFL yarn) that I wore.  Because I gotta tie in my running & knitting.


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