Needles clicking and keys tapping

Just thought I’d throw out an update that I really am working on my master knitter stuff!  This week I’ve gotten most of my history report finished (it was already mostly done) I just need to finish up the modern era and then clean up the report overall.  I’ve also worked up a new wristlet using a new color arrangement and different needles.  I think gauge is one now, but my color scheme still isn’t quite up to par.  I swapped out the cyan with white and then the green and purple.  I think I now need to trade the purple and orange and then it will be set!  I’m also working on the short-row swatches.  November is NaNoWriMo and I think instead of writing a novel I’m going to work on writing up my TKGA materials. My kids will be writing their own little books and this whole first week of Nov is out because of my son’s theater production and the many, many shows this week. 

I’m working on a lovely little baby sweater backstage as my busywork project.  I can’t imagine its going to take me more than 1-2 shows to finish it up as I had the whole yoke done last night after only just casting on in the evening.  I’m trying to revamp an idea I have for the neckline for the updated version of my sweet pea romper, but this one still isn’t quite what I wanted, but it’ll work great as a gift so I’m not going to bother ripping out 😉

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