Mello Yellow

I have been wanting a nice ochre / mustard / yellowish color yarn for a while, but I am quite certain it wouldn’t look that good on me because I am so pale and so I just hadn’t gotten any to knit up.  But its such a popular color, so I made an attempt at dying last night so I could also play with my new lovely yarn!  I think it turned out pretty well.  First it was too pale yellow and sun shiney (I just mixed yellow with a little bit of brown) and even though it hadn’t totally dried yet I decided to go ahead and overdye it.  This time I used more yellow and a tiny bit of tomato red.  I am afraid the yarn may have gotten a little overly dried out from the processing but hopeful that a little wool wash later for an FO will make it soften up a bit.  

Perfect timing, this evening a gal at our knitting group wore the cutest hat ever.  It is store bought, so I am going to use my wicked design skills and make something similar.  I am going to change up the stitch pattern a bit, but her hat is definitively my inspiration.  If I can find it online someplace I will link back to the original later, but for now, I’m off to make a pretty yellow hat.




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