Trivia Time!


Trivia time and could get a set of 6 stitch markers if you answer correctly! I’m working on some socks. Same yarn, same needles, same number of stitches. Why does the striping look so different? I know the answer. Do you? And why? Reply with your guess. I will use a random number generator and pick two winners to get stitch markers made by me.


4 thoughts on “Trivia Time!

  1. I find different reasons when I search it. Im not smart enough to figure it out myself so I searched it. One reason… The way the yarn is dyed, no yarn can be dyed perfectly. Second reason …that you continue working from the middle of my center-pull ball to the end and that the resulting socks would be sort of the same but you need to work with the other end of your skein. Its just the way the skeins are dyed. Third reason… Your knitting tighter or looser then the first.

  2. I get this mismatched striping when I split my skein of yarn, then wind the 2 separate balls from different “ends” (which results in starting 1 sock from the beginning, end or middle of the skein, and the other sock is started w/yarn from an “opposite” end.
    Also, my tension sometimes causes a little mismatching. Sometimes, I think there is NOTHING I can do to get the stripes to match properly!

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