projects a go-go

At the beginning of the summer I made a bucket list of stuff I wanted to do with the kids.  Well, we did do SOME of it.  But all the super fun stuff like building sandcastles at the lake. This one is going to get resolved after Labor Day. When all the other kids are in school we will take a fieldtrip.

We are getting a ton of stuff done from the list around the house too.  Or variations. I had on the list that wanted to paint my bedroom.  Well, my bedroom isn’t painted (headed discussion has been had regarding this topic.) BUT we are right in the midst of staining the deck. The deck was built, I dunno, more than 5 years ago and its only just now getting done. I’m going to take some fabulous pictures once its done and show some before/afters. Its gonna be fun!

Over the last few days I’ve also gotten the sudden itch to try the whole chalk based paint furniture referb stuff that everyone else seems to already be doing.  I have been spending WAYYYY too much time on Pinterest trying to come up with ideas. I am super excited about a whole bunch of different projects I want to start but theres the whole coming up with money for supplies, deciding which project goes first, and then picking out colors. I expect this fall my blog is going to be featuring a bit of new crafty stuff well beyond fiber-fun. I’m super excited to share this all.  Please, I’d LOVE your feedback, comments, questions, and concerns.  Makes me feel good to know there might be someone out there who finds my whimsical rambling interesting!


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