GoFar Woman Half Marathon Relay 2013

Completed a half marathon relay with a good friend today.  It was SO humid and hot this morning even at the start time.  But we did it!  Our final time is yet TBA as there was some sort of computer glitch and its not posted (**see my Twitter feed and you’ll note that I brought it to their attention YESTERDAY and was “assured” it would be recorded correctly.)  But the clock showed our time at just a few minutes under 3 hours and we had pretty even splits, I think.

Here we are post race & a pic of our fun shirts!  I did actually make sparkle running skirts too, but upon arrival at the starting area I decided there weren’t enough other crazy people wearing sparkle skirts and it was too hot for me to deal with my self-consciousness. 

And as a closing note regarding the temp, here’s my friend’s FB status update this afternoon… “Yesterday: “I think I like running.” This morning: “I HATE running! Am I done yet? It’s so HOT out! Is it getting hotter? I think it’s getting HOTTER! I think I might be dying of heatstroke. What sort of crazy person pays money to be tortured like this?””


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