Sweat, sawdust, & seams

I was ambitious last night. Like, really.  Earlier this summer my son went to woodworking camp. There are so many wonderful projects! He made a checker board and a cutting board. And a shelf. And a sweet box. And half a dozen pencil holders.  I wanted IN. But, alas, moms are not really allowed at camp for 4th graders. My day was made when I discovered they have classes for grownups!

Immediately I signed up to take the next available class. A bench. But its a sweet looking bench that has storage cubbies. Finally class day arrived!  Of course its the hottest day of the summer. So at the end of the 3 hour workshop I was dripping with sweat. But I made a bench with cubbies. And its awesome.

I’m going to make a cushion for on top. I’m also going to stain it to match the coffee table in the living room.

But wait. There’s more! When I got home I decided to use a piece of remnant chambray I picked up from Modern Textiles today and make Alison a skirt. I made it with snaps in the elastic for an adjustable waistband, because I’m cool like that. Because I made it the full length of the remnant so it can be knee length-ish now and above the knee later. Because I’d really love it if she can wear it a while. Because if she doesn’t like it I need to be able to give it to someone else & Alison is so petite it needs to be expandable 🙂  And of course, I need to make a cute top later so she’ll have a coordinated outfit. As with the bench, more to come soon!


ETA- I discovered later the post didn’t go up. Here’s the update with full outfit pic. The bench is now sanded but not yet painted.


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