american discovery trail half-marathon

Wowza, what a busy weekend!  I flew into Denver on Friday night and would you believe it took THREE hours to get to Colorado Springs?  At 9pm I went from the airport to Seven Falls. Pretty, but I would have loved to gone hiking during the day there.  Looked like there were great trails.  Oh, and might I add that I HATE heights?  Yeah.

oops pic not uploaded yet, I will share it later

The next morning met up with the group I would be running with.  My sister volunteers at Birthline and that’s the organization that sent a big group to celebrate Bob Kovell’s 50th state marathon as a fundraiser for them. Crazy fun crowd I tell you what!  Throughout the trip I had my own rental car so I didn’t carpool, I just met with them.  I really enjoy my freedom to come and go without waiting for anyone.  We met near Canon Falls and went rafting.  I’m going to save video for a future post (I need to edit it first) but I did wear a helmet cam!



Check it out. Worlds largest rocking chair.

Yesterday I strategically planned my day around hitting as many yarn/fabric/crafty boutique shops as possible before meeting with them to go up to Pikes Peak on the cog train.  My favorite store by far on the was Fabric Bliss in Old Colorado City, where I met a great lady named Sharon and she allowed me to pick up a few goodies.




I was super nervous about going on the cog train.  From experience I know that I am not a heights person Did you also see I mentioned that above? I say it twice because I’m double scared.) But alas, and also to my disappointment actually, it rained.  And lighteninged. And was so super cloudy I couldn’t even see what I was scared of.

That brings us to today. The American Discovery Trail half-marathon.  I finished in 3:19.  My goal was 3:30 and previous best was 3:42.  Apparently for short people like myself high altitude running is less of an issue that for tall people?  I’m very happy with that massive improvement but quite disappointed in myself in hindsight.  When I got to mile 10 I already did the math and knew that unless I fell into a ravine along the route, I was positively going to be under my goal time.  Instead of shooting for 3:15 I decided not to work so hard and I walked instead of doing my intervals of running & walking. But I suppose that’ll be my goal time for the next race to get 3:15 instead.


above is from Fancy Tiger; below from Fabric Bliss


After the race, I showered up, then limped to my car (no lie) and drove as fast as I could to Denver so I could hit the Fancy Tiger Crafts.  I swear I asked so many questions and “ooh ahh”ed so much to every employee they probably thought I was some sort of special.  But it really is an awesome store. I found a couple goodies for myself, my daughter, and my mom.  No yarn.  Can you believe it?  The had the biggest selection of Madelintosh I have ever seen in my life. They had every weight I suspect and nearly every colorway.  They also carry Brooklyn Tweed which I’d never actually had the opportunity to see/feel/sniff before.  But knowing I really wanted some fancy (i.e. super expensive) Japanese fabric and a limited amount of space left in my luggage I decided to hold off on yarn. Insanity I tell you.  My friends, Connie & Roxanne, from Modern Textiles in Fargo are pulling me over to the darkside of collecting beautiful fabric.


That’s my super exciting whirlwind weekend!  I am waking up bright and early tmrw to fly back home (on an airplane, I don’t actually have wings)


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