wiksten mania

So I’d made a sample wiksten tank in quilt weight fabric as a sample to test out the pattern before using my lovely double gauze nani iro that I bought in Denver. I as still a bit nervous about cutting into it, even though my first attempt was successful (in my opinion.) So I went fabric stash diving and found some super slippery fabric (I’m so new to sewing I don’t know whats what, I think its called voile.) I had bought it originally to make a couple scarves and never got around to it. So I whipped up another tank. For that one I didn’t do the bias tape around the sleeves and neck. It as too slippery and I am too lazy.  So today I bit the bullet and made my super soft one. My variation on it was to do the bias tape like with quilting and wrapped the raw edges rather than just as a facing. I think its prettier this way.  My only “issue” is I was gabbing via text while I was working on it and ended up sewing bias tape all along the sides rather than the neck LOL Good thing I have a seam ripper!



oye- pictures taken by six year olds are not always the best 😉 I actually don’t have a crazy eye or rotten blurry teeth as it appears.  just don’t zoom in and you’ll be okay 😉


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