buzz buzz buzz

buzz buzz buzz

While I’m teaching at NCFF this weekend a friend of mine from my knitting group is having a baby shower. While I’m disappointed I can’t go, I’m actually ok with avoiding the obnoxious baby shower games that are always played at such parties. You know, melted candy bars in diapers and you have to guess what kind it is. Or they bring out a try of baby items for 60 seconds then run off and want me to try to recall what was on the tray. Well, I’ll go ahead and tell you whats on the tray- a rattle, a pacifier, a bottle (why? she’s gonna breastfeed anyway), a bottle cleaner for said unnecessary bottle, some diaper pins (yeah, she’s gonna cloth diaper, but nobody uses actually uses pins anymore), and some other random assorted items purchased at the dollar store.

Okay, I don’t hate going to showers (either baby or wedding) I am quite competitive and really try my best to win at these cheesy games.

So anyway, here’s a sneak peek of the little gifty and wrapping. I even made my own sew in labels. I feel totally accomplished right now. I’ve never wrapped a gift using scrap fabric before & her shower theme is bees. Seriously, could this BEE more perfect?


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