not a green thumb

Last year (or was it the year before?) I built up a raised garden. Not just any old raised garden mind you.  I used the special combo of ingredients prescribed my the pros (from the square foot gardening books) and had to drive all over town looking for just the right organic material to make soil. This year I drove around and added more as it had compacted down a bit.  

For mother’s day my son bough a bunch of various seeds and planted me a little garden.  Amazingly enough, a bunch of perennials from last year’s attempt at a flower garden apparently reseeded themselves so among the watermelons I have other random flowers growing all over. Oh, and I discovered the hollyhock’s we planted last year that I thought died, were actually biannual.  This means next to the lettuce and carrots I had a HUGE area of 5 foot tall flowers.

As you can see from the pictures, I had FABULOUS results (totally sarcastic here) with the gardening.  Yep, random flowers, miniature watermelons (its now mid September, they were planted mid May, I don’t anticipate them getting much bigger!) and teeny tiny carrots.  Oh yes, and two of the little watermelons made their way outside of the garden and grew in the grass next to weeds. I’d say my thumb is not very green.  Or maybe just a spotted weird green.






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