NCFF 2013 (part 2)

Just got back from NCFF this afternoon. Most of the weekend I’d sat around sulking. Sad that I had exactly zero dollars to spend because I had over spent in Denver. I WAS super excited when my friend, Ellen, gave me a rug hooking lap loop that she found at a garage sale & thought of me. Seriously, its really awesome, and totally unexpected. I felt so blessed!

The rest of the afternoon yesterday I just paced around looking at all the vendors’ booths. I did spend $20 on a couple little kits for the kids (which I will show at a later date) but otherwise expected to come home empty handed. Until dinner.

Everyone knows the highlight of dinner is NOT the fancy salad or bread rolls with the lard practically dripping off of them (well, they WERE good, I had three in fact.) But its the door prizes. As we walk through the line we are given a ticket. So when it comes time that the door prizes are being called the sequential numbers have everyone knowing “it must be at that table” as the first few numbers are being called out. Let me tell you, our little clique of friends tends to be fairly lucky in years past. But, of course, I don’t win anything. Which is fine because I figure if I win I’d end up with the prize nobody wanted anyway.

Not this year. As numbers were called and two others in our group won I figured we’d had our share of luck. Then they called MY number. After having seen them give out well over a dozen prizes already, our little group had been joking and teasing about how people react after they realize its their number. At first I just looked around for confirmation that it was actually me. Then when it seemed my friends were unimpressed by my own reaction, I decided to go whole hog and do my best Price is Right “Come on down” impression crossed with a little bit of just being crowned Miss America. Enjoyable to say the least and I hope others enjoyed my silliness as well!

So I didn’t leave empty handed after all. I ended up scoring one of the best prizes (certainly a top value prize) of 10 skeins of from Yarn Sisters of Rimu which is a NZ merino wool and POSSOM blend! At the price of around $16.50 each retail. WoWzA! It will become a sweater, and you can follow my adventure with it here, to be modeled at next year’s NCFF.




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