I just don’t know how YOU do it

Now, I do not proclaim this blog to be some sort of deep thinking insightful place. No, its mostly just random thoughts.  Well, today I feel slightly profound even though I’ll keep it to rambling.

One of the first things out of of almost everyone’s mouth after I say we homeschool is “I don’t know how you do it.” Followed by something like “I know I wouldn’t have the patience to do that.”  Well, let me tell you.  I don’t have patience.  Not much at all, as my children will tell you.  But I will say that I have no idea how YOU do it.  I mean really, working full time AND managing your home?!

Even those who work from home or just part time.  You must be much better than I to be able to so fully trust someone else to educate and raise your child for most of the day.  I mean, yeah, the time at home is certainly high quality, I’m sure.  But they are only awake for about maybe 6 hours at home 5 days a week and at least an hour or two of that is eating breakfast and supper, part of it probably doing additional schoolwork, and then there are those afterschool activities. How on earth do YOU do it?!  Only see your kids for like 20 hours a week except on weekends? I’d be absolutely bonkers. To heck with MY patience, how can you have enough patience to only see them a few hours a day?

I am much to obsessed with my children. Addicted. I know people who absolutely love their jobs.  You can tell they love their job because they do really well at it (if you’ve ever met someone who loves their job but does crappy let me know, I’m just not sure how that works.) The product of their work is very good.  How much they love their job really shows. They sacrifice other things to get work done and do well.  Am I getting my point across yet? I am hopeful that I will be part of this club of people who love their job so much that it shows in the results.  My job is my kids. 


I know that some families require the income from both parents, or its a single parent household, there is simply no other option. I also know that some kids require resources and accommodation that a parent finds difficult to provide at home and school is the clear choice. What I just don’t know is how they do it.  I’m simply not strong enough to have enough faith that other’s can make good decisions about my kids other than me (because of course I know-it-all!)


What I’m trying to say is, next time you meet a homeschool parent, instead of being flabbergasted at the idea that someone would actually choose to STAY HOME ALL DAY WITH HER KIDS maybe consider that she may be flabbergasted at the idea that you choose not to.

Note:  This post is not intended to stir a mighty debate, just my typical rambling journal entry. I monitor all responses before publishing them, if you are a bully or mean to me I am not going to publish your reply. 


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