hog wild for the Wild Hog half @gfmarathon

Our family just got home after completing the Wild Hog Half Marathon in Grand Forks, ND.  The only thing I would change was the weather. And not sure the organizers can do much about that! After having done a good couple dozen races in the last year and a half, with two half’s this year and a couple triathlons under my belt, I feel like I can safely say this is my favorite race.

I did the 10k last year for the very first running of the hog and thought it was great. This year, even more impressed. The race course itself is nice because its not simply a straight out and back, even the shorter races have a loop so its not all the same scenery.  Its also exceptionally well staffed.  There were volunteers- helpful ones- at just about every block. And most (perhaps all??) of the streets were closed and all turns were BOTH staffed AND marked.

This is huge for me personally because I’m slow and often fall away from the pack feeling vulnerable to my lack of sense of direction. It was also huge this year because my nine year old son ran one leg of the relay alone (which I would venture to guess he was the youngest runner in the half or half relay- there was only one other half sized human out there that I saw and he was probably several years older.) HUGE just having the course marked with tape and volunteers. I am grateful to all those neighborhoods inconvenienced and thank them big time for allowing this race!

Oh, then there’s the swag. Freaking awesome SOCKS with the logo?! And jackets for the half, but even the shorter distances had very nice shirts. And glass mugs I LOVE.  The metals for finishing are super cool. Worthy of keeping vs just tossing aside. My kids totally love the fork in the pig butt! I would suspect the nice little expo from this year is going to grow, but the booths that were there were excellent as well. Nice spread of food at the finish, much MUCH better than other races I’ve done & warming blankets that my kiddos appreciated as we waited at the 13 mile mark so we could run through the finish together.

I could have done without the rain. And wind. And cold. But it was a really awesome race.  Applause to all volunteers, organizers, pacers, city officials, etc. You did a wonderful job.

As for MY race itself, I will have to do the math for my segment, but I may have set a PR for my pace & 5k. My son and husband rocked it, with my son kicking out a 8min pace- DANG! My six year old daughter finished the last .1 of the 13.1 🙂 Technically we were a 3-person relay but all four of us rocked the finish line together.

The only thing I was disappointed about is that  I missed the peanut butter protein balls from last year. Those were yummy. But the chocolate chip clif bar was a close substitution 🙂


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