kids clothes week: what I plan to make

Kids Clothes Week

So I keep seeing updates on their blog about all the fancy plans people have for making stuff next week. As much as I actually AM a planner, I have no clue what to make. Its heading to winter very soon here, so in all honesty it doesn’t make tons of sense to make cute strappy dresses right now. And as far as I can tell, most of the really cute fall & winter stuff requires knits not woven fabric (which is all I currently have in my fabric stash.)  Now I’ve not been able to find super hardcore set rules, so I’m sure I could knit stuff and that would count, however, it really seems geared to sewing.

The question is, what are some great fall/winter kids clothing ideas that are appropriate for Fargo, ND that use woven cloth not knit? I have a two six year old girls, a 9 yr old boy, and 10 year old boy I can (well, should) make stuff for.  Or of course, I could always just make stuff for my friends as they seem to have an unending supply of babies available for gifting clothes to 🙂


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