Kids Clothes Week ~ Progress Update

Last night I upcycled an old sweater of mine (blue turtleneck) to a sweater dress for Alison. I am not totally sold on how the shoulders lay on it, but I think I’d need to cut out the neck and reattach it like I did for the sleeves. All I did was cut off the seams and take it all in on the sides and sleeves. Good enough for a first attempt at upcycling.

upcycled sweater

The second project was what I threw together this morning in about an hour (or less.) I don’t have much experience working with knit fabric so I was expecting the worst, but OH I am in LOVE! I am seriously considering going back and getting more fabric so I can have a matching one with her.  Its a heavier weight knit, not really sure what its called, but has some little some kind of shimmer to it (I bought it from Joann’s Fabric, see my not so happy tweet about their customer service last night.)  It turned out so wonderful. It was also my first time using a double sewing needle (for the bottom hem and sleeve hems.) I am definitely gonna be using that more often!

This is from tutorial for the slouchy cardigan. I was seriously unsure about copying a tshirt and getting something that would fit right and look good, but I totally went for it without second guessing (or measuring extra!) and it came out perfectly.  Like I said, I actually want to make one for myself which says a lot.  It was pretty windy and quite chilly out, so we only got a couple quick shots.


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