Call for Submissions – designs needed

I’m working on a project & would love to get other contributors on board. Here’s what I’m looking for:
* Knit & crochet projects (primary focus)
* Basic practical sewing projects or merging fiber arts
* stories/poems/quotes/parables relating to creating, fiber arts, sewing
*tips & tutorials & techniques

First round submissions by Jan 31. Please send an email with a brief description of the item, if its already complete also include a photo or other significant details. Can be a sketch or general theme idea at this stage.

Be sure to include your contact info & specific compensation request. Keep in mind that for most cases compensation may be limited to supplies, crafting support (if you need testers or someone else to do the sample knitting or sewing) and a final copy of the compiled project. You will also be included as the source and can promote your own business.

My objective is to work through 2-3 submission calls then work with designers to make creations if samples are not already available. Following will be photographing the actual items & beginning layout.  Ideally I’d have a near complete product by midsummer.


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