fab fabric box tutorial


Of course you could use these boxes for something other than fabric.  But I think using a fabric box for fabric is super awesome.


1/2 yd fabric for 6.5″ size box (or do the math for other sizes based on your square size)
sewing notions such as thread, pins, sewing needles, etc.
sewing machine or serger
heavy interfacing


Cut 10 fabric squares and five interfacing squares the same size (and yes, square means each side is equal, these are not rectangles folks!) samples shown are 6.5″ for the herringbone and 8″ for the orange trees


 Pin four of the squares end to end to end (pretty sides facing as usual)  & stitch (serger or sewing machine, seam allowance can be whatever you want, but keep this in mind for the final size.  We aren’t dealing with fitted garments here, so its more important to be consistent and ensure all layers are stitched through)


Add the bottom square piece, aligning corners with pretty side facing in (you can clip corners of bottom layer if you would like, however I found it wasn’t too bulky and not necessary for mine) ** As you work around the bottom square to prevent bunching I tucked/folded each side at a 90 degree angle as I came to the corners. This is a bit difficult to explain in either words or pictures, but as you’re working, you will see what I am referring to so that you square the corners as you sew them.


Repeat the process with the other five sides including the interfacing as you work (if you would prefer to use iron on interfacing or pre-baste sewable kind, thats just fine, I found it was just as easy to sew it together all at once since I was working with a small pieces and all straight lines.) PLEASE NOTE: check your fabric pattern direction before deciding which side your bottom will be on. Remember that we will be turning the pieces inside out in the next steps (I discovered this as I wanted my trees to be on the inside, but if I had flipped them around that way in the next step the trees would have been upside down, please learn from my mistake!)

Turn one of the boxes inside out and put it into the other box so we have all the pretty sides facing each other. Align corners.  Pin around leaving a 3″ section marked off to be left open for turning.  Sew around.


From the opening, pull the inside out and flip the in to the out and out to the in!

Close up the opening and topstitch around. Enjoy.


Wanna see that whole thing again with different fabric?!  Here you go!

DSC02896 DSC02901 DSC02906 DSC02908



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