kcw winter 2014

As I’m trying to get back into the swing of things on the blog, I’ve been super busy with ideas of things to post about.  Of course, thinking about posting and actually doing so are totally different things!  Next week is the latest Kids Clothing week.  I’ve been excitedly pinning all sorts of ideas on my boards at Pinterest and sorting through fabric in my stash (and identifying new fabrics that I NEED to get!)  Here’s a few things I hope to make for this round of KCW:

1.) Little boy tie/bowtie

2.) Belts for both kids

3.) 2-3 pair of leggings for Alison

4.) Pair of shorts or pj pants for Xander

5.) Matching dress/top for Alison and her doll

Here are a few warm-up exercises from the last week as I’ve been too excited to wait for KCW to actually start. Follow me on instagram to actually get the pics quickly and give me hearts 🙂  I love the positive reinforcement!

14 - 3

14 - 1

14 - 2



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