low carb lifestyle

Back in December I decided that I’m just totally done with my weight issues.  I met with a weight loss specialist and was started on a couple meds to help me get on track as well as moving me to a low carb diet. I’ve gone through all the usual diet approaches and with the amount of exercise I do, it just wasn’t making sense that I was not losing any weight.  Well, come to find out, while I do not have diabetes, I do have an issue with insulin resistance.

What this means for me in terms of weight and weight-loss, is that carbs are my issue.  I had been eating “healthy” with lots of whole foods, fruit, veggies, whole wheat bread and such.  However, for ME these foods are what were triggering my insulin issue (meaning the carbs were being burned off but not the fat which is what I need to lose) and because I was eating such a low fat diet the carbs were making me retain a lot of fluids. Now that I’ve been going low carb and higher protein (and higher fat than what I had been doing) I’ve dropped about 15 lbs (yes, in about 6 weeks!) I have a long way to go, but I’m looking forward to this summer and seeing how even just this small amount will hopefully make a difference in my race times and recovery.


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