monkey business


As I created a bow tie for my son (using this tutorial he came in and told me it looked really good so far.  Well, he didn’t know it was going to be for HIM.  And he’s not really one to wear a bow tie HA HA HA But I had scraps and motivation and thats all I needed to get it done.  After pictures he stripped down as quickly as possible exclaiming “get me out of this monkey suit.”


For the neck strip I did it a bit differently than in the tutorial. I cut a long piece of fabric about 2 1/2″ wide by his neck measurement +2″. Inside I put in elastic (which I measured snug to his neck without stretching, plus about 1 1/2″.) I also used my snap press and put snaps in on the inside parts so that the snaps are completely hidden when they are snapped together.


I didn’t really want to use velcro because inevitably it either shows if not overlapped exactly perfect or rubs skin. I also wanted to make sure the snaps were hidden so thats why I put them inside. The elastic is to make it a last a bit longer for a growing kid. Because in all honesty, I’m guessing he will only wear it once more beyond for these pictures. And that will probably only ever be to take more pictures.

In other news, my best boy is 10 today. Happy Birthday kiddo!



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