Christmas Wish List 2015

Ideas for Alison – Size 7 pants, size youth medium shirts. She does not like PINK clothes. She is more into sporty or athletic clothes not dressy clothes. PJ’s are always welcome.


Any of these Calico Critters.  I saw them at a specialty toy store in Albertville (there is a similar kind that they sell at Target, but the characters aren’t exactly the same size, she might be ok with that furniture or accessories, but probably not the characters.)






These go with a video game they don’t have, she would like ANY kind of Dr. Who or Back to the Future toys. Barnes & Noble has a lot of different toys and bobble head things of these characters she would like. Xander would like them too.


Ideas for Xander – Size 10 pants, size youth large shirts. He only like sports or sweatpants, not jeans anymore. PJ’s are always welcome.


He already has Boba Fett & will be getting General Grievous wants all the others.



He likes to download games from STEAM online & could really use a gift card for that.

For Brandi-

These cookies from Trader Joes 🙂 I also want more smartwool socks, size medium.  They sell those at most of the sporting good stores. I don’t really want much of anything else.  I wouldn’t mind a gift card here- or for



For Eric-
Hmm, your guess is as good as mine.