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Designs are posted on Ravelry First– my patterns (free and for sale) are all listed at

Troll Toe Up Hat Free Pattern


Calyx Shawl


Charted Hat- Free Pattern


Girly Summer Top


Gnomie Little Jacket


Maddalena Mitts


Oh Baby Wrap Sweater


Subtlety Scarf- Free Pattern


Yarnia Sweater


Lovely socks, knit from the toe up, with a super simple heel.


My local yarn shop is helping one of our hospitals remind people to “Stop the Shake” by giving all babies born in the month of April a purple hat. I’d like to invite others to join in by making hats for your own local hospital or drop one off at your own local yarn shop- there’s not one I know of that isn’t involved in community giving! I’m going to try to make one a week in April to donate. I challenge you to do the same.

This pattern will fit an average size newborn & is reversible. The pattern is actually worked INSIDE out and turned before adding the final icord topper.


2 thoughts on “My Designs

  1. I am trying to close on a hat height number for newborns (and etc) so I can modify other patterns I have. One from a military source creates 4″, obviously too small (and was specified newborn, not preemie) and Carewear says 6-6.5″
    If I am calculating correctly, this hat is body of 4″ and the 8 rows of decrease is 1 additional inch.
    Would appreciate your feedback and/or opinion, but will understand
    if that does not happen.
    Also, hospitals around here – North Carolina – do not want hats for newborns – buy massives amount of a striped knit, cut it off, and draw yarn around the top. I have, however, found a military site that wants hats for newborns – and have baby showers.

    • Hi there! Thanks for your question. I use the Craft Yarn Council’s standards (available here- along with my own experience working with newborns. Their heads come in LOTS of different sizes! I have found that when in doubt, make it too long, because then it can be folded over. This pattern is meant to be more of a beanie, but its totally fine if you want to make it longer. Its also ok to have these particular hats turn out too big or too small if they are being donated because they could also be used in the NICU if on the small size, and if on the large size a baby can grow into it. If you are looking to find a place to make them if your local hospital won’t take them, visit Heavenly Angels in Need. They can always take a wide variety of donations. Good luck!

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